7 Air Purifying Houseplants To Decorate Your Home With

 Homiful.com - Choosing the right plants for home can help to purify and detoxify the air. With clean and good air at home, it can make you feel cozy and make you more healthy to breathe. And we have some 7 Air Purifying Houseplants To Decorate Your Home With. Just look it to be better and pretty home.

Lady Palm


Loving with humidity, you can also put it at a damp place. But, you can put at around home to get pretty decoration and get some benefit. Other way, lady palm can help you to reduce levels of ammonia and that can be found in a range of cleaning products.

Boston Fern


Also known with sword fern, this houseplant grows in many tropical areas. Boston ferns thrives in swampy, humid, and forested areas, and makes a good choice for partial-shade area. The one of best air-purifying houseplant, Boston ferns can help to rid the indoor air of toxins and also restores moisture to dry air.

Spider Plant


Spider plant is the one of houseplant that good for beginner. This houseplant will quietly battle toxins include CO and xylene. And this houseplant non-toxic for animals, so you can put it at indoor that can be decoration to increase the home looks.

Rhododendron simsii


Rhododendron simsii can bring colorful and alive at your indoor. This houseplant can thrive in cool habitat and damp soil, but don't get direct sunlight that tends to burn the leaves. Besides can make freshness and gorgeous home, this houseplant can help you to purify the air. It helps to counter the ill effects of formaldehyde from plywood and foam insulation.

Golden Pothos


Pothos is the houseplant that suitable for keeping the air in your home clean. Easy to care, this houseplant works well in most light conditions. You can put it at rack, tabletop, or hanging it. And they love with moisture too, so it perfect to put at bathroom. Just watering in weekly or whenever the soil feels dry.

Snake Plants


Famed with air purify houseplant, snake plants perfect to place anywhere at your home. Like in bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and other. They release oxygen at night, and helping you to breathe better while sleeping. Snake plants usually filtering the air of formaldehyde, xylene, benzene, toluene, and trichloroethylene.

Gerbera jamesonii (Gerbera Daisy)


Known with Daisy flowers, this houseplant perfect as decoration and air purify at your home. They can remove chemical vapors such as benzene from the air.

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