6 Best Indoor Plants to Spruce Up Your Living Space

Homiful.com -- Placing indoor plants is the easiest way to spruce up and dress up your living space. Plants have attractive charms and benefits. Effortlessly, plants make the space feel so cool and fresh. Various plant leaves of various shapes, colors, and patterns are also ready to make your living space look more lively and lovely. Here, we present you 6 best indoor plants to spruce up your living space.

Spider plant


Who does not know this spider plant? This is an indoor plant that must be included in your must-have list. Spider plant is a versatile plant. The plants work well as living decoration in your living space. The arrangement can be in various style, you can place it as a table plant or hang it beautifully on a spot with a light shade.

Snake plants


Snake plant, sansevieria or mother-in-law's tongue plant. There are three popular names for this plant. Snake plant has characteristic hard leaves, some have variegated leaves in more than 3 shades of color. Make it a unique living space decoration. The specialty of this plant is also their easy care, infrequent watering does not always kill the snake plant.  

Fiddle leaf fig


Fiddle leaf fig or ficus lyrata is an indoor plant with broadleaf evergreen. This plant will give a fresh impression. This plant likes bright light, but the light that is not too strong. You can put a fiddle leaf fig plant near a window that provides bright light for 6-8 hours. 

Peace Lily


Peace lily as an indoor plant with various meanings. This plant is often associated with prosperity, peace, and sympathy. Peace lily is often a gift for indoor plant for those who have lost loved ones. Peace lily has fresh green leaves with beautiful white flowers that sympathy and sincerity. 

Rabbit Foot Fern


Fern is one of the most popular indoor plants. In addition to Boston fern plants, you can also put rabbit foot ferns at home. This fern has fuzzy rhizomes that look like rabbit's feet. Rabbit foot fern plants grow well in medium, indirect light. 

Alocasia frydek


Everyone loves alocasia frydek. This indoor plant has unique foliage in an eye-catching deep green color. Alocasia frydek grows in bright, indirect light. These plants do not like drought conditions, so make sure their soil is always moist. 

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