Why Your Houseplants Look Leggy (And How To Fix This Common Problem)

 Homiful.com - If you let care of houseplant, it will stretch out and scraggly plants. That can make your houseplant become lush and full again. Then, we have gathered for you about Why Your Houseplants Look Leggy (And How To Fix This Common Problem).

What is Leggy Houseplant Means?


Leggy is gets thrown around a lot about houseplant. Because, it's the one most common problems at your garden area. Leggy houseplant is the plant that looks like it's all legs (or stem) with stretched out, spindly growth, and sparse leaves. 

Why It's Happen?


It's happens because the plant doing everything to get leaves into more light. So, it can make enough energy to survive. And the plants reaching in the direction of the available rays, stem grow longer and thinner and drop leaves that the plant can't support with limited food reserves.

Classify of Houseplant (Light)


Commonly, houseplants classified into 3 light levels, there are:

  • Low light - the plants can be grown for their foliage and rarely flower.
  • Medium light - This level is a great location for a medium light plants. And this plant types usually can thrive in direct sunlight.
  • High light - Exposed too much sun for the plants can make sunburn. But, this level perfect for high light houseplant like cactus, succulents, jasmine, and other.

How to Fix Leggy Houseplant


Plants can tell you that can't get enough light, so it can see from weak, thin, and leggy stems. With the plants have different light needs, you can match the location to the brightness needed. But, if you don't have natural light at home, you can make supplement with artificial lighting. And it can be useful at winter.

Prune Back the Leggy Houseplants


Other way, you can cut back your houseplant to encourage new stems to sprout and grow in to restore the plant to its former lushness. Trim off exceptionally long, lanky stems by one-third their length, snipping just above a node (the point where leaves grow from the stem).

Or Make Creative Your Leggy Houseplants


You can make tidy your leggy houseplant with make creative. Like wear moss pole to help the plants grow well. Or use wire for shaping your leggy houseplants to get a pretty view.

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