Ways to Get Monstera to Bloom


Ways to Get Monstera to Bloom

Homiful.com -- As is known, Monstera is a plant that grows from a tropical rain forest habitat with high humidity and dim lighting. Often encountered if the Monstera only has beautiful leaves and fingering only. Even though without realizing it, monstera also has flowers that can be seen beautifully. However, it is difficult to get a flowering monstera. Of course, you can pay attention to several ways of care so that Monstera is easy to flower properly. See Ways to Get Monstera to Bloom below:


Monstera is a type of philodendron ornamental plant that grows vines or attaches to plant stems. This plant that is up to 21 feet long grows in the wild with flowers and fruit. Perfect condition will make monstera plants bloom well.


Monstera belongs to the skunk cabbage and jack-in-the-pulpit group of plants that have almost sapling flowers. Monstera spadix flowers erect fleshy or small spikes with boat-shaped spathes. The color of the monstera flowers is creamy white and large, which can be about 8 - 12 inches long.


Monstera plants can bloom and bear fruit at the same time if they get the right care. Monstera fruit takes about 12 - 14 months to ripen. This fruit called spadix consist of many berries covered with waxy bracts. Conical green fruit 8 - 14 inches long and 2 - 3.5 inches wide has a scaly, hexagonal outer skin.

How to make monstera bloom


This plant originating from the wet forest of southern Mexico cannot survive cold temperatures. With good conditions, monstera will bloom and need a greenhouse to control the climate.


If you put monstera plants indoors, provide bright light in summer and direct sun in winter. Room temperature must be warm and high humidity. Use nutrient rich soil with a large pot for sufficient growth.

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