Top 6 Pet-Friendly Houseplants: Dog & Cat Approved! -- Caring for plants is as much fun as raising pets. Both can provide the same level of happiness. Keeping a pet makes the house feel warm and alive, caring for plants will make the house fresh and beautiful. 

If you're caring for a cat or dog, as well as caring for houseplants, there are a few things you should know. Be sure you know some plants, toxic to cats and dogs. Dogs and cats can nibble plants, then get poisoned. Avoid the unwanted things by knowing Top 6 Pet-Friendly Houseplants: Dog & Cat Approved!

1. Areca palm


Areca palm gives a classic fresh impression to your home. The dangling palm-fingered leaves trigger a cat or dog instinct to play with and bite them, so it's relief to know that this plant is non-toxic to cats and dogs. Place the areca palm in a spot with bright, indirect light to keep it happy.

2. Lady slipper orchid


If you want beautiful flowering plants that are safe for pets, go for orchids! You can add it to the list of top pet-friendly houseplants. You can also choose a lady slipper orchid. This orchid has beautiful and unique flowers in red to orange. They do contain tannin oil, but no effects are known on pets that may have chewed them.


3. African violet


It's good to know African violet, this beautiful purple flowering plant is non-toxic and harmful to dogs and cats. African violet brings a spring feel indoors. This beautiful plant can bloom beautifully even when you put it in low light or indirect sunlight.

4. Nerve plant


Fittonia or nerve plant will be an adorable and exotic houseplants with color and patterns that resemble a nervous system. Don't be afraid to put fittonia near your pets, this lovely pink veining plant is safe around cats. This plant thrives in low light conditions. It is also a perfect plant for your desk.

5. Spider plant


Spider plants are a favorite indoor plant that are easy to care for, and safe for both cats and dogs. Some cats even like to chew on a little trim of their leaves, like giant cat grass. This plant is an easy type of plant for a novice gardener. They do not need complicated care. Just keep it away from direct sunlight, as it will scorch the leaves.

6. Stromanthe triostar


Stromanthe triostar will be a fresh and beautiful spotlight in your home. The plant has foliage in gorgeous red, greens and slight white accents. Luckily, this plant is not toxic to humans or pets. At least, if your cat steals to nibble them, they don't cause any harmful digestive effects. 

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