The Reason You Should Grow Pothos Plants

The Reason You Should Grow Pothos Plants -- Pothos plants are mostly used for indoor plants and are definitely owned by gardens  and even beginners. In addition to easy maintenance and easy to obtain, pothos plants can provide great benefits for the environment. This plant originating from the island of French Polynesian can be found in tropical forest around the world. You can see the benefits in the following discussion:

Great plant for beginners


This plant with heart-shaped leaves is easy to care for and is so tough that it can be categorized as a plant that is hard to kill. This plant likes bright direct light and accepts low light conditions, even low light can receive good air circulation. You can give watering that is completely irregular and even bring it into a dark room with light.

Easy to find photos


No need to hunt to have this plant. You can get pothos plants at various garden stores or ornamental plants at affordable prices. Even if you ask your neighbors, it's possible that all of them already have this plant.

Has a unique type and color of leaves


Pothos has quite a lot of varieties that you can make a collection for your home garden. But one that is famous is the golden pothos with bright green and slightly golden leaves.

Easy deployment


Because pothos is one of the ornamental plants that are difficult to kill. You can propagate this plant easily. You can even try water media. With water media, this plant will have new roots that are easy to grow for some time. This plant is popular with the growth of creeping and hanging down.

Can purify the air


One of the benefits of this pothos plant is that it can purify the aurrounding air. These plants take in all the bad air and release it into good oxygen. Besides being beautiful as a table plant, you can hang it in the corner of the room and even the bathroom of the house.

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