Stunning Varieties of Hoya Plant

Stunning Varieties of Hoya Plant -- The day-flowering exotic plant is a hoya with a group of vines in the tropics and is a semi-succulent type. This green leafy plant will grow vines and look like a beautiful bush. With the right conditions, the hoya plant will flower most of the year with a refreshing scent.

Hoya macrophylla


This species of flowering plant from the hydrangea family is a deciduous shrub that can grow to a height of about 2 m and width of 2.25 meters. This plant will bloom with red or blue flowers in summer and fall. This plant has been widely cultivated in various climates with relatively easy.

Hoya lacunosa


The next plant is Hoya lacunosa which is a small and downy flower plant with a cinnamon-like aroma. This plant grows along a set of slender leaves with small, waxy canoe-like leaves. With no fuss maintenance, this hoya is perfect for beginners.

Hoya Polyneura


Hoya polyneura has become a popular plant whose care is not difficult. This hoya likes bright light but  not direct, you can place it on the windowsill of the house. Watering can be done for one week 2 times according to temperature and room conditions.

Hoya Latifolia Variegata


Hoya plant with lemon green leaves and mixed pink color behind the leaves is very attractive. The leaf veins that are clearly visible in white give a natural charm to fill the room. This hoya has a slightly oval leaf shape with a slightly rough-looking surface.

Hoya Heuschkeliana Inner Variegated


The next most loved plant is hoya heuschakeliana variegated with tiny silvery green leaves. More precisely with its fluorescent yellow variety which is easy to care for, with normal humidity of around 60% and partially dry soil, this plant will survive and grow both indoors and outdoors.

Hoya Crimson Princess


The last one is hoya princess crimson who is liked by many people and becomes the center of attention. This plant is the easiest to care for, loves indirect bright and is very drought tolerant. This plant has beautiful flowers and blooms at certain times with a distinctive aroma.

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