Stunning Balcony Ideas You'll Love -- Discover balcony ideas and designs that will make your residence even more perfect. A well-designed balcony, even it is small, you can make it any place you want. Turn it into a balcony garden full of plants, a place for morning sun or a relaxing place to sit and enjoy the view of the city at night. For more ideas, here are Stunning Balcony Ideas You'll Love.

Simple but modern balcony feature


Imagine enjoying the morning atmosphere on this beautiful balcony. You will get positive spirit and energy to start the day. The balcony railing uses an iron frame and tempered glass to give a modern impression. The size of the balcony is fairly small, but enough to put a soft seat and a small coffee table to enjoy a cup of morning tea or coffee here.

Liven up with a vertical garden


You can make the empty balcony wall more than that. Fill it with a vertical garden concept. Using organic or artificial plants does not matter. Artificial plants are easier for you to care for than organic ones. Most importantly, the green atmosphere of the vertical garden will bring a fresh balcony vibe, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the surrounding scenery.

Bright balcony decor


Make the balcony the most pleasant place to relax at home. You can start by adding a pop of color on the balcony. Either in seating, wall shelves, and balcony railings. Bright colors will give a fun ambience on the balcony. Kids will also love this balcony, but make sure to always keep an eye on them when they're on the balcony.

Bring more seat


Going to the balcony and enjoying the fresh air is the way you can do when you are tires. It will give you a fresh new feeling. Provide a seat that fit in the balcony dimension. Bring more seating, if you want the balcony to at least fit for 2-3 people at the same time. Decorate the balcony with the houseplants that you take care of there.

Cheerful balcony garden


A balcony can also act as a garden, or we call it a balcony garden. You can place a collection of houseplants that like balcony spots with direct bright light or medium bright light. Make it feel green by lining the floor with a grass rug. It's even more lively when you specially make planters in bright colors.

Cozy balcony design ideas


Make the balcony has its own unique style. You are free to fill it with any decoration theme. For example, giving a touch of orange and black-white in a geometric pattern. These patterns make the balcony more dynamic and unique. This balcony also has better security with a railing frame that's made this safe.

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