Stunning and Fresh Ideas for Tiny Garden

Stunning and Fresh Ideas for Tiny Garden -- Space, a small area outside the room, not because of its small size alone. One way to properly divide outdoor spaces such as landscaping at home is to create a small garden that is creative and will benefit the owner. You can create small gardens around the house such as balcony areas, terraces and even small corners that will make the outdoors look attractive and attract attention. If you are looking for a small garden idea for your home, some reviews below can be your choice.

Balcony garden ideas with perfect layout


You can plan a small garden at home for the balcony area as seen. Choose with a similar planter from a typical clay material. You can also cover the balcony flooring using synthetic grass and choose strong ornamental plants for outdoors areas.

Maximize the ceiling of the home garden


Although plants will make the area outside the house more beautiful, you can give a decorative effect or something that looks attractive to the eye. For example, hanging plant accents for a small garden area with simple and limited-looking wooden furniture. Beautify it with outdoor lights for a beautiful night decoration.

Grow plants with planter


If you have limited land to create a small garden at home, you can apply some interesting ideas to improve the appearance of your home garden. For example, equating the use of plant planters and adding plant racks and plant beds to make the look tall.

Tiny garden ideas with free landscaping


Designing a tiny garden doesn't have to be with planters, plant beds or raised containers. You can take advantage of the remaining land available freely and plant plants directly into the soil like the idea above. You can make a concept of a combination with the element of water to give a dominant natural effect.

Caring house terrace with hanging plants


To give a big impact for the outdoors, you can change the corner settings. Like a small garden with hanging plants for an attentive room. Complete with hanging plants with shades of green as well as providing other decorative accents such as furniture if needed.

Small garden urban jungle concept


The idea of implementing a small garden at home is not only easy, at the same time with the selection of plants that care is not fussy. You can combine some garden concepts with a matching planter, use shelves to accent hanging plants to beautify outdoor decorations.

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