Simple Small Garden to Show Up Your Space

Simple Small Garden to Show Up Your Space -- Having a small outdoor area is not a problem if it will be converted into a home garden. It is very important to create a home garden that can have major influence on our health and self-refreshment. No need to think about how ad what can be changed, you can read many reference in the following Simple Small Garden to Show Up Your Space in an effort to build a more meaningful outdoor space.


Turn on the front area


By designing the front, the house will be more beautiful and refreshing. Filled with amazing ornamental plants and can be an option, you can choose outdoor plants that can survive exposure to sunlight. Change the landscape by placing ornamental grass and natural rocks.

Change landscaping with spilled pots


This idea might add to your experience in designing a small garden at home. A simple and smart way can be done easily by designing a spilled pot model with additional paths. Place plants in each corner of the area and from like a small island.

Small garden ideas with hanging plants


This will give a new color to the terrace of the house with a limited space. Choosing hanging plants is easier to maintain, you can tidy up the terrace area with various plants on the floor or add furniture to relax. Put some amazing small garden concept with walkways and so on.

Change garden stairs settings


To get a more attractive home garden, stairs will be the main concern when passed. A multistory model with the entire land covered with small rocks will make the visual of the home garden more attractive. Although small, you can place plants next to the stairs for a welcome accent.

Climbing plants with a vertical concept


Vertical garden design are indeed the best to make small space more valuable. Make some planters on stacking shelves with hanging plants and vines to make it more complete. Also adjust the lighting around the garden so that it gets food for perfect growth and is more refreshing.

Rock garden landscaping


Turn a small home garden into a valuable area. It will not look boring if the landscaping is very contrasting between the plants and the exterior of the house used. You can choose a landscape with a rock layout model to the path from the end.

Change the corner garden at home


The to maximize a small home garden, you can choose a planter with matching furniture. Plant racks with clay pots will look aesthetic with ornamental plants without flowers. Position the shelf at an angle and slightly tilted to make it visible from all sides.

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