Poolside Plants That Look Like Paradise

 Homiful.com - Put some plants at poolside can increase the looks. You can find strong plants that can withstand your pool's microclimate, are easy to maintain, and still look good. Then, we've gathered about Poolside Plants That Look Like Paradise

Colorful Flowers


Using colorful flowers at poolside can increase the scenery point. Growing at pot, you can make the variant of colorful flowers growing in one pot. It can give alive and attractive vibes at poolside.



Bursting with color, Geranium perfect placed at poolside. Growing in a matching and stunning pot, you can put the Geranium near the lounge at the poolside area. 



This splendid plant has large foliage in a rich burgundy color that can make a splash in the shade. Ligularia adds in spires of bright golden blooms for contrast. You can grow it at pot or land near poolside area. It can decorate your monotonous pool into an alive area and make it cozy.

Mini Palm


Giving palm tree at poolside can make you feel like in the beach. Growing in pot, you can make the mini palm put at space area for beautiful view. This plant easy to maintain and don't weaken the structure itself

Banana Trees


Besides palm tree, you can put banana tree (Musa) for plants at poolside. It makes you desire a tropical look and live in a mild. Frost free climate, the banana tree instantly create the mood you may be looking for. You can plant them in a spot safe from winds because those great-looking leaves can get ripped up easily if not near a wall, fence, or protected by neighboring plants.

Firestick Cactus


Firestick Cactus or pencil cactus (Euphorbia tirucall) is a type of succulent. This plant has clumps of pencil-like stems exhibiting an orangey-red color that looks like it's on fire. You can grow it in a pot and put it at poolside as decoration.

Bira Alocasia


Bira Alocasia can give tropical accent at your poolside. With stunning big arrowhead leaves and shiny greenery, this plant is excellent outdoor and indoor houseplants. The plants can blossom in warm, indirect sunlight, and wet soil.

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