Plants that Work Well Extremely in Summer

7 Plants that Work Well Extremely in Summer -- Hot weather does make a lot of change. Especially when working at home. You will certainly feel hot and want to be angry because of the heat that is happening. But this can all be overcome by choosing plants as heat absorbers and are very suitable for planting in the summer. You can see of these plants in the following Plants that Work Well Extremely in Summer:

Spider plant

Spider plants are indoor plants that are very adaptable in various environments. Easy growth with care, this is not so complicated. A tough plant that can tolerate a wide range of temperatures and conditions, making this spider plant the gardener's choice. Water well when the soil is dry, and don't overdo it, so the roots don't rot.

Monstera borsigiana

The next are ornamental plants that are used to beautify the room and have a high selling value. Monstera is an ornamental plant that comes from tropical rain forest and likes humidity. However, this plant care is very easy and light tolerance. You can bring this plant into the room to feel fresher and reduce the heat.

Chirstmas cactus

A very popular houseplant is the Christmas cactus. This plant has tubular flowers with pink or purple colors. This plant originating from the tropical rain forest of South Brazil grows branched like trees and has high humidity. The varieties are numerous and make for a tough houseplant during the summer.


The next is the philodendron, which is an ornamental plant with many types. In addition, this plant can also grow in any spaces and tolerates temperatures and watering which is slightly neglected. You can choose philodendron to be an ornamental plant with several benefits such as improving air quality, increasing humidity in the house and being a very beautiful decoration even in a dark room.

Pothos plant

Pothos is a plant that is considered a plant that is difficult to kill. Because the maintenance is easy and not demanding, you can place it in various rooms. Pothos plants are great for the bathroom or office, with benefits for air purification. Easy maintenance is very tolerant of drought, light to all weather.

Dracaena Marginata

The last is the dracanea plant, which is often used as a landscaping plant in city parks. This plant can absorb pollutants in the air, so it is very suitable as a home interior plant. You can choose several types from dracaena for decoration to ornamental plants that are low maintenance and tolerant of erratic watering.

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