How To Style Up A Spider Plant Nicely -- Can we say that spider plants are plants for all of us? We all love spider plants. This plant can give a natural freshness vibe wherever it is placed. Not to mention, its ability to adapt well, easy to care for and is included in NASA's recommendation as an air filter plant. 

This plant is so easy to grow and care for, no matter where you live. You can give appreciation to spider plants, by dressing them as beautiful as possible. No need to be complicated, for example by choosing a unique pot or planter that makes it shine even more. For you, here are How To Style Up A Spider Plant Nicely.

1. Hang the spider plant beautifully


Spider plants make the perfect plant to hang. Their leaves can grow long and look beautiful sticking out of the pot. The mother leaf can also produce babies (spiderettes) that are very beautiful to hang. Choose a unique pot hanger, for example, using a broken 70's pendant light as a stunning hanging planter like this one.

2. Style it up in a simple and natural way


Spider plants are beautiful in their own right. They will be even more charming with babies sticking out of their mother's leaves. Produce visuals like a fresh green spider. Putting them in a simple terracotta pot will not detract from their beauty. The style is perfect for filling floating shelves in areas with little light, as spider plants can live there.

3. Make it like cute green hair


The character of spider plant leaves, that can grow log and curved, will make it look adorable planted or placed on a planter with facial accents like this. This makes spider plants look like adorable green hair. The more unique the spider plant style, the more beautiful your room will be.

4. Get a mini lab with spider plant propagation


Spider plants are plants that are easy for water propagation. They grow their roots quickly in water. Get a cute mini lab for your spider plants water propagation at home! You can use the medium in the form of clear tubes with a special wooden placement. Style up like this will give you a vibe of a natural scientist. 

5. Spider plant in Kokedama


Spider plants are adaptable plants. They can be grown in the Kokedama style, a Japanese gardening method, by wrapping the plant's roots in a ball of soil, moss or coconut coir ball. This kind of style will give you a funky looking kokedama. Spider plant in Kokedama-style will make your room fresh and aesthetic.

6. Put it in a rattan basket


Spider plant can be a living room plant. To make them easily attract attention, you can place spider plants in pots in rattan basket like this. This basket gives off a rustic vibe that is fresh and natural. It also protects the spider plant from being stepped on or pushed.

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