How to Style Up A Small TV Room Perfectly -- Having a TV is the easiest way to get entertainment at home. TV will help you have a great movie night, let the adults relax and entertain the kid with their favorite cartoon shows. Instantly, TV can make a home more lively. In a small house, you can arrange to make a small corner into a TV area that you can enjoy with your beloved family. No need to complicate yourself, as we would like to show you some simple ideas about how to style up a small TV room perfectly.

Make it simple but enjoyable

Adjust the design of a small TV room with family's habits when watching TV. If you prefer to watch TV while sitting on the floor with other family members, replace the sofa with a rug or mat. Place the TV on the console table. It's even better if the backdrop wall is in a bright blue color. This TV area looks simple, but somehow so enjoyable.

Bring favorite thematic decorations

No matter how small, the TV room must be made in line with the theme or interior style. The house in purple shade, more lively with TV room with a touch of purple in it. Bring the purple color in a choice of room decorations, such as flowers, floating shelves, to soft pillows to accompany watching TV.

Place the TV in living room nicely


It's okay to put the TV in the living room. TV can be a focal point in the living room. Arrange it as nicely as possible, to make the small room look neat. You can put the TV in a low cabinet against the wall. Fill the background wall with shelves containing a collection of books and decorations. This will make the living room with TV more stylish.

Fill the corner with plants


Plants are a versatile decorating idea. They are perfect for decorating any space, no matter the style. Plants in pot holders can be used to fill an empty corner of the TV room. Wall corners that are too plain also look better with dangling plants. Plants give a natural touch and fresh atmosphere to the small TV room.

Make a statement with patterned rug

The small TV room also needs something to make it look attractive. Make an interesting and lively statement, by placing a patterned rug in front of the TV. The Mediterranean patterned rug will give a pleasant look to the space. The rug also allows you to lie back or sit back while watching TV shows.

Adjust the size


If you only have a small space, plan to choose a TV in sizes between 21 and 32 inches. Then, pick a minimalist TV stand to place it. Do not pick a gigantic TV size, as it will cost you more money and spaces.

Make the most of the empty space under the stairs


Make the empty-space under the stairs as a TV area. Dimensional triangular corner, it would be enough for you to put the TV and cabinet under it. The angled part can still be filled with decorations that beautify the TV background. Add a small spotlight to make it even nicer.

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