How to Repot Houseplant | Repotting Cheese Plant

How to Repot Houseplant | Repotting Cheese Plant -- A well-known classic houseplant that grows with easy care is the tropical philodendron. Monstera plant is also known for its beautiful Swiss cheese plant with large, fingered leaves. All plants need to be repotted for several years to ensure good soil nutrition to make growth faster. In this review, let's take a look at how to easily repot monstera plants to keep them thriving and beautiful for room decoration.


To maintain the beauty of the monstera plant, repotting will renew the plant and also the soil so that nutrients are fertile again. Plants with beautiful vegetation that produce long roots and stems that grow tall can be added, this support will be a challenge when repotting.


The right time to repot a cheese plant is every year. This relatively low maintenance plant can be left indoors with the right humidity and temperature. 


Repotting efforts for this plant is of course to encourage young plants to grow quickly and thrive. Early spring before the leaves appear is the best time to repot the monstera plant with good result.


To do monstera repotting, you can first prepare a larger pot and make holes in the pot for drainage. Fill a third of the pot with the soil mixture. Take the monstera in the old pot and family slowly to separate the roots. Replant the mature and tall monstera for settings in a new pot.


After doing repotting, of course pose, post repotting care needs to be considered. Water the pot deep after repotting. You can wait some time, do watering and providing nutrition periodically. 


Pay attention to the growth of this plant, because in its natural habitat it can grow up to 3 meters or more. Watch the leaves to keep them clean and away from spiders.

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