How to Grow Anthurium a Wave of Love Plant

How to Grow Anthurium a Wave of Love Plant -- Love wave anthurium is an upright shrub ornamental plant with a height of about 1.8 meters. The long, elliptical to obovate leaves are slightly wavy. This plant originating from South America has special care to grow it. You can see how it grows below:




Wave of love requires special care in terms of land selection. The right soil mix you can add garden soil, FYM and vermicompost with the same amount. You can add perlite to increase the water holding capacity.



The next is with sunshine every day. Plants that get full sun and long period of time can cause leaves to scorch and change  shape.



Love wave plants really like warm temperature around 70 - 90 degrees Celsius because they are native to the tropics. But it's different in winter, you can place a love wave into the room. 



Love wave plant prefers moist and not too wet soil. You can do watering when the soil is dry and stop watering when the water starts to come out of the drainage. Excessive watering can cause plant roots to root, and this love wave plant is quite drought tolerant.



Fertilizer is very important for plants to maintain their fertility. You don't need to fertilize in winter.



Do repotting when the plant has grown large and move it to a larger pot. Repot at night by taking the root ball of the plant and sorting it out to rename it in different pots.

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