How to Care of Stunning Persian Shield Plant

How to Care of Stunning Persian Shield Plant -- Have you known about Persian shield plant? This plant is a Strobilanthes plant, which is often dubbed the Persian shield. It has striking purple leaves and sparkle like silver metal. This plant comes from Myanmar, not Persia. Plants that grow in hot climates and grow as evergreen subshrubs can be grown into popular annuals. If you are interested to have and know how to care, let's discuss the review of the treatment below:



In its natural habitat, this Persian shield plant can be found in mottled conditions on the edges of tropical forests. Persian shield can receive full sun when grown in cooler climates as an annual plant. Even with partial shade, this plant will be suitable because it will make the color of the leaves more striking, But when exposed to full sun, this plant will have faded leaves. You can store in a room with partial to bright light to maintain the color of the leaves.



The next treatment is the selection of the soil. Prefers soil with a neutral pH that can tolerate acidic soil. With a pH between 5,5 - 7,5 is very favored Persian shield.



Water is essential for the needs of all creatures, and this Persian shield plant is no exception. The more shade you get, the less water you need. Provide about 1 full inch of water per week so that the plant remains fertile and does not wilt from receiving too much water. When conditions are hot, you can water it every day to avoid wilting.

Temperature and humidity


Persian Shield likes warm temperatures above 60 F and humid air. This plant can grow as an annual in zone 8 and 9. It may die, but usually grows back in spring. Humidity and warm temperatures are very favored by this plant.



If your Persian shield plant is already thriving with ideal humidity, you will need to provide only light nutrition at the start of the growing season. But if placed in a pot, you can provide light nutrition every 2 -4 weeks. For example, with essential nitrogen and a mixture of 12 - 6 - 6.



To maintain Persian shield plant, prune the plant after it has flowered. At this time, the leaves may look dormant. Resistant to pinching the plant at this point, to avoid disturbing dormancy.

How to grow Persian shield from seed


Do the propagation of this plant by using seeds. Because the seeds are very difficult to get and may rarely be available in flower or plant stones. Collect seeds that have been planted as annuals even though sometimes they do not flower and produce seeds, But it's possible it can flower during indoor wall season. You can now collect the seeds left behind when the flowers fade.

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