How to Care For a Fiddle Leaf Fig ( 6 Easy Ways) -- Fiddle leaf fig or ficus lyrata is popular as an indoor plant. This plant is a broadleaf evergreen, which easily lends a fresh green vibe to the home. Broad leaves with tall and dense growth will give a big statement, if you treat it as a home decoration.

Despite its popularity, fiddle leaf is not a particularly easy plant to care for, but it isn't that difficult either. You just need to find out their preferences and basic need to keep them alive. Get to know some basic needs for caring for a fiddle leaf fig in how to care for a fiddle leaf fig (6 easy ways).

1. Give the best soil mix


The first thing you have to give them is the best soil for them to grow. You can give a well-draining soil mix. Make sure the soil is high in organic matter. At least, potting media contains 1 part soil, 1 serving compost, 2 parts bark, and 1.5 parts perlite. The right soil will give a good chance for it to thrive. 

2. Put it in the right place


You should know the fiddle leaf fig's light preferences. This plant likes bright light, but not too strong light. They will be happy to be placed directly near a window facing South/Southwest that provide 6-8 hours of bright light. 

3. Feed it!


Don't forget to feed them. You can use NPK fertilizer in ratio of 3-1-2. Lack of nutrients will make the growth of broadleaf not optimal. Feed them about once a month. 

4. Too much hot air will kill fiddle leaf fig


Humidity is something that's often overlooked when caring for fiddle leaf fig. In fact, this plant is sensitive to humidity. Too much hot air can kill fiddle leaf figs. They can grow well at 60% humidity and 65 degrees F. If the weather is hotter than usual, you can mist it every few days. 

5. Water it properly!


Under or over watering slowly kills fiddle leaf figs. Water thoroughly about once a week. Allow top 2' to dry between watering again. 

6. Dust the leaves


The leaves of this plant easily catch dust. Dust will interfere with the photosynthesis of leaves and cause their beauty to be hindered.  Dust and shower leaves monthly with water or wipe with a soft damp cloth. That way, the green, broadleaf will look stunning again. 

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