How to Arrange Bathroom Plants (Nicely and Simply) -- We've told about some bathroom plants. These plants can adapt well to humid bathroom conditions and lack of light. Even so, you still have to know the right way to arrange plants in the bathroom. Instagram's pictures are fun to look at, but a bathroom with so many plants may not match the dimension of your bathroom. That's why, we've presented a review of How to Arrange Bathroom Plants (Nicely and Simply). 

An air plant on the wall planter


Most vanities or sinks are placed after the bathroom door. It's meant for easy access when you need a quick touch up. Make yourself greeted by air plants when you're using the vanity. Grow the air plants on the wall planter. Air plants are so easy to grow, they also thrive in humid conditions in the bathroom, as an air plant feeds by absorbing nutrients from the humid air. 

Snake plant next to the cabinet sink


Make sure you put the plants in a spot that doesn't hinder mobility in the bathroom. One of the right spots is next to the sink or sink cabinet. These areas are usually left empty, but you can fill them with snake plants for a fresh air and refreshing green visual. 

Put the plant on the windowsill


Luckily, if your bathroom has a window. The window will prevent the bathroom from over-humidity, which not good for you. Windows also allow bathroom plants to grow healthier with indirect bright light from it. You can arrange your plants on the windowsill to fill the empty-space so nicely. 

Place it on a holder


ZZ plant, a hard to kill plant that can live in a bathroom even without a window. You can take a ZZ plant that has thrived like this to the bathroom. Place it in a holder that is capable of holding the ZZ plant in a large pot. Pick a special plant holder or make a strong wooden shelf as a ZZ plant holder in the bathroom.  

Hang it in the corner of the bathroom


Make plants off the floor, if you feel you have a lot of furniture on the floor. Hang it in an empty corner vertical space. Hang on a thick rope in mustard to add color contrast to the bathroom. You don't need too many plants, which are important enough to freshen up the bathroom atmosphere. 

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