Essential Guide to Repotting Anthurium

Essential Guide to Repotting Anthurium -- Anthurium is one type of bright flowering plant and can flower every day. Caring for this plant is quite easy, even if you let it grow big in a pot. Anthurium does not grow aggressively like some other tropical plants in the right conditions, it will grow large and climb out of its container. If you've been finding these plants in pots for a long time, this may be a good time to repot. As a guide and procedure, refer to the following Essential Guide to Repotting Anthurium:

 Why anthurium need repotting?


Repotting is very important for some plants. As well as essential for its growth. It is also very important for plant health to be more sustainable. There are several reasons you usually do for repotting plants, including:



Roots that continue to grow large and long over time help the plant grow. As they grow large, anthurium will have roots that are tied and coiled at the bottom of the pot. Repotting will encourage the growth needed to reach its full potential.



Roots take up more space in the soil, all the nutrients. So in a long time the quality of nutrients in the soil will decrease. You can repot every 2 years or so to maintain the quality of the soil, which can be destroyed due to neglected repotting.

Pests and diseases


The soil will harbor many pests and diseases in secret. An effective way to remove pest and diseases from the soil is by repotting.

Best time for repotting anthurium


Early spring is a good time to repot anthurium. In a hurry, you can do repotting for stunted growth that can occur due to pests and diseases.

How to do repotting anthurium


To do the repotting, you can collect supplied such as new containers, fresh potting mix, gloves and plant cuttings. Spread newspaper or mats on the workbench to protect the surface from the ground. Handle the anthurium carefully when removing it from the container. Then, shake the plant to remove the lumpy soil. If you find the roots of the plant looking lumpy, choose some and cut. The finally, you can replant the anthurium into a new pot with the soil mixture that has been measured.

Care after repotting

After repotting the anthurium, you can give it time to recover. Place the plant in place before repotting with the same environmental conditions to aid recovery. Place in a warm area with bright, indirect light. Do not apply fertilizer for several weeks after repotting. Do watering on a predetermined schedule and water only when the soil is dry.

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