8 Ingenious Small Garden Designs

Homiful.com -- Having a beautiful garden is everyone's dream. A garden with colorful flowers, shady green plants, and a fresh breeze will give comfort to anyone who sees it. Luckily, a beautiful garden can be realized even in a small area. Find your best small garden design inspiration at 8 ingenious small garden designs.

A small full-featured garden


A small square footage outdoors can be a perfect genius garden. There, you can have a lawn with a stepping stone on it. The garden border is perfectly designed using tiny shrubs and, lush greenery, and rocks. This small garden also features a minimalist waterfall pool that will multiply the freshness.

A garden with deck


Almost similar to the garden design in the first picture, this garden can be said to have complete features. A striking low fountain pool becomes the center of attention in the garden. This garden features a wooden deck that can be a place for you to enjoy the garden atmosphere.

Fresh cactus garden


Cacti are usually synonymous with dry gardens or desert gardens. It doesn't have to be like that. You can get a small, fresh garden like a tropical garden with cactus plants. Make the most of the small, empty-space under the windows to make one. The trick, cover the ground with grass. Choose upright green cactus plants. You can also plant the ground with sansevieria or bromeliads in a fresh natural green color.

Genius small and narrow garden


Who would have thought that a small and narrow yard could be a beautiful garden, like this one. With the lawn covering the square ground. The garden is then graced by creating an arch that separates the plant zone and the path.

Practical tropical garden


You can easily create a tropical garden. Use artificial grass to provide practicality in garden maintenance. Choose the calathe lutea plant, which gives it a tropical vibe. Sprinkle white gravels under the plants as a garden border. It looks simple, but gives a refreshing tropical garden vibe. 

Bring contrast in the garden


Liven up a small garden by presenting a nice contrast. It's as simple as creating a blue curved line to separate the green lawn and white rocks. This will create a stunning contrast as well as add dynamic shape to the small garden.

Use low plants


In a small garden, it's not just plants or tall trees that you need. Often, you need small or low plants to fill a limited space. The good choice falls on bromeliads. Bromeliad plants have stiff foliage in natural fresh colors. The rosette shape also makes the garden even more beautiful.

Make a center point


Make the small garden does not look mediocre. Present a center that attracts attention. You can create a neatly trimmed bonsai tree, surrounded by white pebbles and a border that separates it from other areas.

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