8 Indoor Vines that Grow in Water


Homiful.com -- Are you looking for reference to what plants grow without using soil? If so, you're in the right place. Having limited land is often a problem to present a garden. But you don't need to worry, some type of plants can even grow in water without s soil.

Here we share 8 indoor vines that grow in water. Let's see the review below!

1. Rex begonia vine


Rex begonia vine has the Botanical name Cissus Javana. The plant has low care. They are famous for their beautiful and exotic color, of leaves. The top of the leaves looks elegant with shades of silver, while the lower part looks stunning with its purple color. You can put it on a vase or a clear bottle filled with water.

2. Tradescantia zebrina


Another vines plant with a beautiful purple color is Tradescantia zebrina. They have another name, inch plant. Tradescantia zebrina is easy to grow and propagate. The plant is beautiful, suitable for use as a decoration to beautify the look of the room.

3. Spider plant


Id you are a novice gardener, or someone who does not have time to take care of plants, the best plant option is to grow s spider plant. They have easy maintenance and can even live well in water. This plant is also suitable to be placed in the room because it can purify the air very well.

4. Heart of string


As the name implies, the plant has beautiful heart-like shaped leaves. String of heart is one of the vines with easy maintenance. They can even grow well on water. You can grow them on a vase, or glass. The plant loves indirect sunlight for thriving.

5. Philodendron


Who is not familiar with the Philodendron plant? They have characteristic leaves with a refreshing green color. Most importantly, this plant has low maintenance and grows in water well. You can put a Philodendron on the windowsill, to get indirect sunlight.

6. English Ivy


English Ivy is an Indoor plant that can grow quickly. They have characteristic leaves of a unique shape. They can even live anywhere, including water. Suitable for beautifying your room.

7. Pothos


Pothos has man varieties, and they all look beautiful and are easy to grow. They have a characteristic refreshing leaf. Pothos can live well in indirect sunlight. And they can grow on water very well. Do not forget to change the water regularly.

8. Cebu blue pothos


Want to change the look of the room to look more elegant? You can grow Cebu blue pothos. They are plants that are easy to care for, even on water. Be sure to change the water regularly.

Those are the 8 indoor vines that grow in water. Hopefully, the information above is useful.

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