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Homiful.com -- Bringing plants in the room is a good idea to beautify the interior appearance. Small indoor plants are easier to organize their placement They also have a pretty and adorable look. If you have a room with a narrow size, then growing small plants is the best choice to increase the beauty of the room.
If you are interested, we have collected 8 cute small indoor plants below! Let's keep reading!

1. Lucky bamboo


Lucky bamboo is believed to bring good luck. No wonder so many people grow them at home. Lucky bamboo has a unique characteristic and can be shaped according to the needs to beautify the interior appearance. The plant has low maintenance, it is perfect for you novice gardeners.

2. Oxalis triangularis


Pot and plant motifs are the perfect combination. Oxalis triangularis or known by the name of butterfly plant is a beautiful ornamental plant. They have leaves of a butterfly-like shape with stunning purple color. Their care is also low, suitable for use in beautifying the interior of the house.

3. Pilea peperomiodes


Another adorable small indoor plant is Pilea peperomides. They are known by another name, Chinese money plant. The shape of their leaves is very beautiful and unique. Especially if there is a combination with an interesting earthenware pot. You can use this plant as a table sweetener.

4. Spider plant


If you are looking for the best indoor plants, spider plants are one of them. Spider plant is one of the indoor plant with low maintenance. They can also purify the air in the room very well.  

5. Baby toes


Baby toes are small indoor plants that attract attention. You can grow baby toes on tiny pits. Just like other succulent, they love bright rooms. Suitable for use as an interior decoration of the room.

6. Pink Polka dot plant


The polka dot plant looks very adorable with a touch of pink. They have characteristic pink leaves with a beautiful polka dot motif. While a touch of green can refresh your room.

7. Lithops


Lithops is one of the Succulent with a petite and adorable shape. They also have easy maintenance. The best location is near the window, with indirect solar lighting. Lithops has a variety of shapes and all of them look beautiful.

8. Echeveria


 Echeveria is one of the most beautiful Succulent plants that you can grow at home. They are also popular among other succulent plants. Echeveria looks beautiful when places as a sweetener for the living room table.

That's the review of 8 cute small indoor plants. Hopefully, the information above is useful.

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