7 Ways to Transform Plastic Bottle for Planter

7 Ways to Transform Plastic Bottle for Planter

Homiful.com -- Stacked used plastic bottles can invite disease and cause piles of garbage in the house. But you can change plastic bottles at home to plant pots. Planting using plastic bottles can also save your budget and make your holiday more useful. This method can also maintain the balance of nature by utilizing environmentally friendly materials such as plastic bottles. By specializing in ornamental plant types of flower or vegetables, you can listen to some plant pot ideas in the following review:

Tree model with half cut plastic bottle

To make a single pot from a plastic bottle, you can use a portion of the bottle that has been cut. Prepare a beautiful portulaca with unique flower and leaf colors. Fill each bottle with soil to the brim and arrange the position of the plants neatly to from a tree.

Multilevel plastic bottle Christmas tree

Design the corner of the room at home by utilizing used plastic bottle that have been painted in bright and striking colors. You can punch holes in the plastic bottle in half to add soil and portulaca. Create a design like a  Christmas tree by using a tree trunk as a hook.

Neatly arranged plastic bottle pots

If you have a plastic bottle with a small size, this idea is very interesting for you to try. Make a shape like a circular pot, arrange each bottle neatly and has been colored striking yellow. You can cover the bottom of the plastic pot with a wooden or zinc base.

Plastic bottle cap design for plant pots

Add to your garden imagination with a neat and unique pot arrangement. Using plastic bottle caps that are neatly arranged and covering plastic pots will make the garden look more beautiful. You can turn this DIY decoration into a business idea to fill your spare time with the kids.

Hydroponics with plastic bottles

Rethink by forming plastic bottles for a unique and easy hydroponic garden. Combine diverse results and be made like a standing tree. Not only the bottom, you can use the top cover to be a simple planter.

Hydroponic hanging pot

It's also the best idea to make use of wasted plastic bottles. You can use only the bottom with a hanging model that is planted using the hydroponics method. Attach it firmly to the ceilings of the house and choose the types of plants and vegetables that are often consumed.

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