7 Ways to Make Ordinary Plants Extraordinary

Homiful.com -- Many people have houseplants. However, not all of them are good at styling plants into beautiful decorative elements at home. You don't need expensive plants to make them. You can even use ordinary plants that you have to make decorative features that beautify and refresh. Find the idea in 7 ways to make ordinary plants extraordinary.

1. Let the aloe vera and its offspring grow 


Aloe vera may be a plant that's always in anyone's house. This plant is so easy to grow. You can also have aloe vera plant that looks unique like this. This aloe vera has off-springs or babies that make it lush. Place it in a place with indirect light to make this plant happy. 

2. Hang it on a beautiful ceramic pot


Some ordinary plants are more beautiful when used as hanging plants. You can hang it on a ceramic planter. Planters with unique patterns and colors will make ordinary plants extraordinary in vertical spaces. 

3. Make it like a bouquet

Some ordinary plants can grow lush. One of them is this polka dot plant. You can grow it to appear to surround and cover the planter. So, it looks like a beautiful and unique polka dot plant bouquet. 

4. Unique planter for zebra cactus


Zebra cactus is one of the easiest home succulents to grow anywhere. These little succulents can even grow happily indoors, on tables. As a table plant, you can choose a unique planter. As unique as this pink alpaca-shaped planter that will make a zebra cactus be a stunning table plant in your bedroom. 

5. Spider plants on a hanging bee pot


Spider plant is a houseplant that's suitable for hanging. The green leaves sticking out of the pot make it a fresh accent in a vertical space. You can choose a planter or a cute hanging pot for a spider plant. For example, a hanging planter in the shape of an adorable bee bottom. 

6. Stunning display of scented geraniums


Scented geranium is known as a plant that keeps mosquitoes away. Putting it in your home and garden can repel mosquitoes naturally. Once in a while you can cut a branch of geranium with its flowers and put it in a slim glass vase. It will be an attractive decoration, and repel mosquitoes. 

7. Cactus on moss ball


You may have heard of Kokedama. How to grow plants on moss balls. Moss balls with fertile soil in them can keep plants growing well. Like a Christmas cactus growing on a moss ball. 

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