7 Unique Indoor Vines and Climbing Plants

7 Unique Indoor Vines and Climbing Plants

Homiful.com -- Growing ornamental plants in the house can be a real visual for the room to make it look attractive and provide a more refreshing change. For example, with vines which are one of the interesting to choose from with beautiful visual, vertical leaves hanging down which will bring a tropical atmosphere. Read the reviews below to find ornamental plants that you like for room decoration.



An annual plant that grows well with easy care is tradescantia. This plant has beautifully opposite elliptical leaves with white and purple stripes. This plant likes exposure to sunlight that is not so bright, watering more often to make it thrive and dangle down.



This plant that is considered difficult to kill is a plant that can grow in low light areas. Green heart-shaped leaves and beautiful leaf motifs will be a dream plant of all time with easy care. This plant likes indirect light to low light space with watering every 1 - 2 weeks.

String of heart


The string of heart is a long vine that looks like a necklace. This beautiful heart-shaped leaf with a pretty pattern is standard thickness with a subtle effect. This plant is very suitable to be a sweetener to room decoration that will bring the atmosphere to be more harmonics.



Next up are the beautiful vines from Southeast Asia. This plant is heart shaped with a smooth and glossy emerald green color. Produces beautiful flowers with very sweet neutral colors. You can propagate this plant by leaf cuttings whose ends are in the ground and have been well dried.

String of dolphins


Next is the type of succulent that will bring the atmosphere of the space to be more homey and feel beach with this string of dolphins. Plants with unique dolphins-shaped leaves and long hanging tendrils will have inconspicuous flowers. You can put this plant in basket and vertical garden that refresh the view.



Syngonium or arrowhead is an exotic vine with striking green leaves. This plant has arrow-shaped leaves with a length of 6 inches or 10 cm. Plants that will bring a tropical impression and a lush atmosphere that looks like a tropical forest for the corner of the room. Syngonium likes light that is not too bright, with periodic watering when the soil dries only.

English Ivy


This evergreen vine is English ivy, which is suitable to be a sweetener for the terrace of the house. Vines with unique leaves look fresh every time if the watering is really paid attention to. English ivy is a plant that is ideal for placing in a hanging container in the corner of the area.

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