7 Stunning Plant from Instagram Make You Happy

7 Stunning Plant from Instagram Make You Happy

Homiful.com -- The amazing thing for the interior design of the room is with bias plants.  You can choose those who have flowers or not. From the inspiration of several Instagram account owners, you can find beautiful ornamental plants to make a big impact on your home and owner. Having a fun social media experience and providing benefits to other users is really needed at this time. Let's get to know ornamental plants from Instagram that are beautiful and will make your day happier.



If you are a cactus lover, making it an ornamental plant for the room will be enchanting. With pretty terracotta pots. The cactus will perfect any room table. Especially when they have bloomed with beautiful colors, their beauty can be enjoyed until the eyes don't blink.



Nepenthes is a carnivorous plant that eats insect and small animals. If usually, this plant grows in free and wild forest. Currently, making it as an ornamental plant that makes a happy feeling can be one of the choices. A plant with a distended belly of unique shape with stunning colors.

Hoya Polyneura


By combining room decorations at home, you can add elements of ornamental plants to it. This popular plant among ornamental plant lovers has easy maintenance and is also suitable for beginners. Hoya with this polyneura variety likes intense but indirect light and can thrive and has beautiful flowers. 

Salvia and Pandorea Jasminoides


This beautiful flower of Salvia and Pandoera is often used as an ornamental plant in the house, which is included in vines and shrubs. Between the two, Salvia is a herbal plant that has benefits that can be found in the highlands. Both of these plants have beautiful flowers and their care is not difficult, you can trim them for some time.

Red Stardust


Next is the agalonema plant with beautiful name red stardust. The striking red color with green spots all over the leaf surface is very attractive to fill the work table to the corner of  the room. You can provide regular and occasional care to wipe the leaves, so they look shiny.



This beautiful flower plant Gloxinia comes from Brazil, which mostly comes from the mountainous region of South America. This flower plant has a large size with a smooth surface like velvet. Blooms in red, dark red, purple and white. You can plant by seed, cuttings or tuber method in late winter.

Aeonium 'Pink witch'


The last is a beautiful succulent type with a blushing red color mixed with pink and green. The unique shape is shaped like a rose with a large crown that changes throughout the seasons as light increase. This plant ill be very appropriate to be an option for succulent collections.

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