7 Simple Planter Ideas for Arrange Plant at Home

7 Simple Planter Ideas for Arrange Plant at Home

Homiful.com -- Arranging ornamental plants at home is indeed very fun. Besides being fun, you can start with some arrangements such as planter ideas, which you can find some inspiration in the following discussion. Making a garden with a container is very easy if it is placed in a planting pot. There are so many models that you can adjust between the space and the size of the plants. See further discussion below.

Herbs with vertical planter


For those of you who are running out of land for gardening at home, you can make a vertical planter design that is  leaning on the wall as seen. You will make the right choice of herbal plants with layers of multi-level boots and using environmentally friendly items such as wood.

Plant container cabinet


With the idea of a plant rack made like a cabinet, this will make the plants warmer and the humidity maintained. You can place this cabinet in the apartment in the house with artificial lighting from lights hidden behind containers. Apart from being in the apartment room, the balcony is also a suitable place, because the humidity, lighting and warmth of the plants will be maintained.

Happy planter at working desk


Plants are also not only chose for natural refreshment, but as a way to increase the owner's productivity at work. With this vertical planter model that is arranged high from this pole, you can choose several types of indoors plants that are easy and safe to maintain. Color the planter pole with a striking color to make it more refreshing. 

Keep the planter design to a minimum


Putting ornamental plants outdoors, such as felt or patio, of course, can be designed neatly. Using a planter is the right and easy way. Choose a planter with multilevel shelves that looks simple by arranging only a few types of plants in one row. This will create a simple look and orderly arrangement.

Ladder plant stand


With a standing model planter and utilizing wood material will make the space appear wider. Make the shelves not look full and only use a few pots in a row. Choose dish plants with succulents or flowering shrubs, such as the attractive kalanchoe.

Planter idea with recycle container


Creative ideas for the perfect arrangement of plants, you can combine different types. Herbal plants with fresh aromas and floral plants will be visually appealing to the corner of the room in the house. This shelf will be perfect for a narrow outdoor size, even anything you can use even the very bottom of this idea planter.

Stylish iron planter


The idea of choosing a planter for ornamental plants will be perfect if it is matched between the interior concepts of the room. You can make a simple choice with an iron shelf that looks very concise and strong. Combine with a bookcase model to give the perfect room decoration.

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