7 Plants that Can Grow Roots in Water


7 Plants that Can Grow Roots in Water

Homiful.com -- The following is a list of ornamental plants that are easy to root in water and easy to grow in water as you are. Choosing the best ornamental plants to grow in water until adulthood you can do from now on. It is easy to try, you just need to prepare a glass bottle and a piece of an adult plant. See the following 7 list of plants that easily root in water:



Begonia is an ornamental plant with beautiful flowers and thick leaves. This plant can grow in water with roots that from easily. You can choose begonias that grow in water from plants that have one leaf. You just have to be patient to get new roots and change the water once a week to avoid rotting.

Pothos manjula


Pothos manjula is a type of plant that looks almost similar to a philodendron. But this pothos has a variety of beautiful leaves that are white and slightly curved. Its growth is easy when you move it in the water. This plant will grow new roots quickly, be sure to choose a larger bottle.



In addition to leafy and trucked plants, this time, succulents also include ornamental plants that easily grow roots in water. This method is actually very fast to get plants to grow new roots without having to worry about watering. You can put it in a glass jar with a large shaving mouth that doesn't allow the stems or leaves of the plant to sink into the water.



Next is philodendron, which is an ornamental plant that grows well around window sills and dark rooms without light. This plant does not mind growing in water by choosing a variety of varieties. Grow well with this method of propagation, and be patient enough to grow new roots.



Many varieties of coleus with colorful leaves will sweeten the room, especially the home table. This plant is popular because its leaves can be propagated and grow well in water. You can cut about 6 inches, and remove all the leaves to form new leaves for some time.

Jade plant


To grow ornamental plants today using the water propagation method is easy to do. Even plants that actually grow on the ground such as jade plants you can put in a container filled with water. This plant will grow new roots with the stem completely submerged in the water.



Coin plants with round leaves and look like water plants are easy to care for. This plant is easy to grow in water to grow new roots. Besides not having to worry about watering, you can put this plant around the windowsill for a while.

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