7 Plant with Colorful Mini Pot Look so Amazing

7 Plant with Colorful Mini Pot Look so Amazing 

Homiful.com -- Having lots of small pots at home, you can control and reuse for decorating a bigger room. You may be able to see a selection of plants that will make the place attractive and provide a nicer indoor area. With a new, colorful style, this time you can make a small pot idea. See the list of 7 Plant with Colorful Mini Pot Look so amazing  below:

Character pots for succulents


The first idea will bring a new atmosphere into the interior of the house, the able to the work area. You can make a pot with a cute character theme as a solution when children don't like planting. So that in this way they will be more excited.

New pot feature for hoya


The next is a brilliant idea to be chosen, using a clay pot that is made round so that it helps the plant roots to attach. Even without a closed pot, a feature like this is considered environmentally friendly to use.

Pot with prominent dimensions


The next one is very interesting to be used as an indoor plant pot. Round pots with raised outer dimensions add a dramatic effect but look elegant.

Mini pot with painting


To show plants in pots, you can appreciate children who like to draw. So that a pot with chili painting like this can be used easily and without difficulty during the seeding process.

Mini pot with Groot character


Maybe this could be a profitable business idea for you to try. With a pot of wood with the theme of a Groot character will add to the appearance of an aesthetic and more attractive space. Filled with lucky bamboo, guaranteed  fresh atmosphere will be created.

Create a simply pot display


The simple appearance of choosing a mini pit for baby sansevieria is not a problem. A pot with a semi-oval round shape has a plain exterior without painting. You can add a plate for a similar water reservoir to make it more aesthetic.

Fittonia with unique pots


The last mini pot idea is very interesting to make the room more energetic. Some may look with different characters, but these hanger accents will add a real 3D effect.

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