7 Mini Pools You Can Have In Your Garden

Homiful.com -- Not everyone has a lawn of a large size. While having a swimming pool is a dream for many people. The existence of a swimming pool can indeed create a cooler and refreshing home atmosphere. But you don't have to worry about the limited size of the land. There are design references that will help you.
Here are 7 mini pools you can have in your garden that can inspire you. Let's see the review below!

1. Flower-filled pool design

The first pool design was designed simply with a simple rectangular shape. The design of the pool with a rectangular shape can bring the impression of a wider look. Moreover, it is combined with decorations full of gorgeous flowers. You can choose many types of flowers to make the look more colorful.

2. Mini pool design with attractive lighting

Swimming and relaxing at night is one of the fun activities. The design of the mini pool looks radiant with an interesting lighting combination. The right lighting setting can change the atmosphere to be more warn and romantic.

3. Beautiful mini pool design

It doesn't have to be with a large size, the design of this mini swimming pool comes with a beautiful design. The idea of a mini-sized pool is suitable for soaking and relaxing. You can design a swimming pool with stairs to keep it safe.

4. The idea of a swimming pool with natural stone

Want the appearance of the swimming pool to look more natural? Try using charming natural stone materials. The design of the mini swimming pool is also made beautiful with a winding model. Present umbrella decorations to beautify the look. 

5. Beautiful mini pool tanks

Using a pool tank can help you save the available land capacity. Mini pool tanks look unique with a round shape. You can combine it with a wooden deck for a peaceful place to relax.

6. Wooden swimming pool design

There are many designs and materials that you can apply to make a swimming pool. The idea of this swimming pool charming with wood material. You can add stairs to facilitate access to the pool.

7. Modern style swimming pool design

 The design of the swimming pool has a simple but elegant look. At the end there is a waterfall that makes the look more modern, you can add a lounge chair like on the beach to relax on weekends.

That's the review of 7 mini pools you can have in your garden. Hopefully, the information above is useful.

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Author : Hafsah

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