7 Low-Cost Garden Walkway Suggestions

Homiful.com -- The path or walkway will complete your garden landscaping. The walkway as  an access path that you must pass while in the garden, so that the lawn, plants are not stepped on by you. The walkway also help your feet not getting dirty when you step on muddy ground. 

The walkway will enhance the visual appeal of your garden. Presenting the path is not that difficult. You just need to choose a path design that fits your garden concept. Some you can even get at low-cost. Take a look at these 7 low-cost garden walkway suggestions as your inspiration.

Sleek red brick walkway


This walkway has a sleek and small design. Composed of red brick arranged neatly and tightly like this. The design of the walking path has a curved shape, almost resemble the S-shaped. This shape make the garden look more stylish and dynamic. Due to its sleek design and size, this is a low-cost walkway idea that's great for small gardens.

Dynamic garden walkway


There are many designs and forms of garden walkways that you can try. However, make sure to choose the best design. You can make it more dynamic with two walkway models like this one. One walkway of paving tiles that can be an elderly or wheelchair friendly walkway. In the other side, you can design it with a stepping stone model made of a combination of cement and small rocks.

DIY Garden walkway


A walkway can be a link between one garden area to another. Ideally, garden walkway made by expert landscaping services. However, if you don't want to spend too much money to hire one, then you can try it by yourself. Use the rocks to be further arranged like the picture. It's better to make the rock firmly attached to the ground and unmovable when steeped on.  Give the ideal distance between the stepping. Around it, spread sand to make the garden more beautiful.

Pick best material for your garden walkway


Even if you think about low cost, make sure to choose the best path material in the garden. You can use any material, such as stone slabs, ceramics, concrete and even solid wood. Mulch and gravel are the cheapest walkway materials. However, you can use the one that suit your garden design. Just make sure the material is resistant to weather changes, is not slippery when exposed to rain. 

Attractive side walkway


The garden walkway can be positioned anywhere, the most important thing is to connect the garden spots you want. You can make the side garden walkway with a sleek design. This garden walkway has a combination of natural stone fragments planted firmly on the ground. Spread the gravel to fill the empty space between the stepping stones.

Small garden walkway design


You can present the walkway even in a small garden. You can make it with a distance stepping stone model. Fill the empty space with gravel. Choose a cover gravel in contrasting white and black. Contrasting colors will give the garden a more aesthetic and attractive garden visual.

Small and economic garden walkway


Actually, the smaller the garden space, the more you have to choose the walkway design that suitable for it. Garden walkway like this are suitable for the side walkways of the house. It composed of stepping stones and sandy soil that give the garden a nice, natural contrast of color.

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