7 Inspiring Hanging Plant Decoration for Containers

7 Inspiring Hanging Plant Decoration for Containers

Homiful.com -- Ornamental plants can provide aesthetic beauty and also the atmosphere of a tropical room into the house. To brighten the atmosphere of the room in the house, you can use hanging plants that will impress artistically and bring natural beauty to the interior of the room. You can choose various types of ornamental plants or dried flowers and trailing plants to make the best hanging plants in the house.

In the following, there are some interesting ideas that will be beautiful decorations using ornamental plants for natural freshness.

Hoya carnosa hanging plant


Make eye-catching creations indoors with the hanging greenery of Hoya Carnosa. You can apply it to an empty part of the room, such as a corner, or a window sill. Because plants like direct or partial sunlight, eating a window sill is the most appropriate place.

Macrame hanging plant


You can find different ways to make room decorations with an attractive appearance. Planting with hanging macrame to hang flowers nicely and attractively. You can choose this macrame hanging planting like a jade plant, which is easy to maintain with thick round leaves and a little runny.

Hanging planting of love


Change back hanging plants at home with attractive decorations. You can do this form of love in hoya plants yourself for beautiful decorations. Make a frame of wood so that plants grow around the frame.

Spider plant 


Planting for room decorations will expand the appearance of the interior, so it is more beautiful. With geometric shelves in a circular shape with a lot of shelves, you can not only fill them with spider plants. Like glasses, decorative bowls will make the wall look more beautiful and bring a tropical atmosphere.

Tillandsia plant


Choose unique hanging plants for a natural restoration of the room. You can use tillandsia to give it an aesthetic look. This hanging planting will log will enhance the visual effect of the room.

Groups of ferns


Room decorations inspiration with ornamental plants is indeed good to bring a tropical and more natural atmosphere. For example, with these fern hanging plants, the distinctive leaf shape with dangling growth and the hook of a strong hemp rope.

Outboard planting with Aquascape


The last idea you can make at home is decorating Aquascape glass containers as seen. Besides being an aquarium, pothos plants and the like will provide beautiful visuals with colorful fish,

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