7 Indoor Plant Decor Ideas | How to Display Your Houseplants

Homiful.com -- Growing plants became a trend and many people feel in love with them. Presenting plants is one simple way to make the appearance of the house more beautiful. Some types of plants can even purify the air in the room. That way, the room will feel cooler.
To add to your reference, we will share 7 indoor plant decor ideas how to display your houseplants!

1. Using hanging plants


Hanging plants have a beautiful look. Adding hanging plants will also help you save the available space capacity. You can hang the plant on a wall shelf or other ang. Golden pothos is a trailing plant to decorate the interior of your home.

2. Custom wall shelves


Make the plain walls look prettier with gorgeous plant decorations. You can combine with custom wall shelves according to your needs. The wall shelves also look natural with elegant wood material.

3. Mini library with plants


Make your mini library feel fresh with indoor plant decorations. You can place plant decorations on the empty bookshelf. That way, the atmosphere of the room will feel more homey and cool.

4. Using a standing pot to display plants


There are actually many ways to display your favorite plants. Using a standing pot is one of the. The plant above looks elegant in a standing pot. Standing pots with white shades are suitable for modern minimalist homes.

5. TV room and plant decoration


Enjoying the weekend, watching TV is a fun activity. Moreover, the TV room is decorated with many refreshing indoor plants. You can put the plant near the TV table. The plant is one of the table sweeteners and enhances the beauty of the interior.

6. Plants in the corner of the living room


Bird of paradise looks to be focal point in the living room above. The best position for indoor plants is close to the window. The plants above look beautiful in the corner of the living room. You can combine with ceramic pots for a more elegant interior look.

7. Indoor vertical garden


 By using a vertical garden is perfect for those of you who have a narrow room. To create a vertical garden requires only plain walls. Place the plants in a row for a neater interior look.

Those are 7 indoor plant decor ideas how to display your houseplants. Hopefully, the information above is useful.

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