7 Homemade Fertilizer You Can Use in Garden

7 Homemade Fertilizer You Can Use in Garden

Homiful.com -- You need to do really care for plants at home. Providing fertilizer for certain plants will provide maximum plant nutrition needs. Instead of using chemical fertilizers, you can try making your own fertilizer. You can see some artificial fertilizers in the following reviews:


Banana peel


This is quick and easy homemade banana peel fertilizer. Have many benefits to having plants in our homes for our well-being, and it's important to nourish the soil naturally. You can add banana peel into a clean jar, fill with water and seal for 2 -3 days. Take out banana peel and add the water to your plants.

Banana peels add potassium as well as small amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and magnesium to the soil, a natural fertilizer.

Egg shell


If you want to save the budget for garden fertilizer, you can use eggshells as natural fertilizer. In this way, you can save money and have many benefits for plants. Eggshell contains 93% calcium carbonate.

Rice water


Rice water that is one of homemade fertilizer for plant you can use for plant and your garden at home. Plant at home can grow lush and consistent. Feeding them starch from leftover rice water which contains small amount of NPK, and it also helps in encouraging good bacteria of soil. 

Ceffe ground for tomato


Coffee if you don't know, maybe just a drink for enjoying time. But this time you can use coffee for plant, especially tomato. You can use this coffee for several plants not only tomatoes such as blueberries, roses to increase soil fertility. Sprinkle coffee ground on top of the soil.

Organic fertilizer


You can try to make homemade fertilizer at home. 1 bucket worm casting, 1 bucket goat poo, 1 bucket rabbit poo, bug a bunch of comfrey leaves some fruit enzymes and some urine, add 2 buckets rainwater and left a few days to brew. This fertilizer can use for plant, landscape at home and your garden. Organic fertilizer will repair soil nutrition and make garden lush and so greeny.

Homemade fertilizer


Molasses and a bit of Epsom salt mixed into hot water until dissolved. The add a splash to the watering can once or twice a week. They really love their sugars. 

Fermented cashew from vegetable seed soil


Artificial fertilizer from cashew fermented from vegetable seed oil about one and a half months and boiled.  This fermentation can then be rounded as seen.

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