7 Hard to Kill Houseplants That You Will Love

Homiful.com -- Presenting  houseplants will make the appearance of the house look even more charming. But not everyone can properly care for the plant. The best solution for novice gardeners, you can grow a plant with low care and difficult to die.
To give you your reference, we will share 7 hard to kill houseplants that you will love! Let's see the review below!

1. Aloe vera


Aloe vera has the Botanical name Aloe barbadensis. They are known for their many benefits for beauty and health. Aloe vera is easy to grow and also has low maintenance. Suitable grow a novice gardener.

2. Chinese Evergreen


Who doesn't know the Chinese evergreen plant? They are one of the famous plants with low care. The plant can even live on low light. Aglaonema is known for its varied leaf colors and motifs. Suitable for home interior decoration.

3. Pothos


If you are looking for plants that are difficult to kill, one of them is the Pothos plant. Epiremnum aureum is a low-care plant. Pothos can even grow well in water. No wonder they are widely used as a room sweetener.

4. Dracaena marginata


Another low-care plant is Dracaena marginata. This is suitable for those of you who like large plants. They have a characteristic, beautiful leave of elongated shape. Suitable placed in the corner of the room.

5. Flaming katy


Kalanchoe or known as flaming katy is a beautiful plant. They have flowers of stunning red, and pink color. Flaming katy is easy to grow and hard to kill houseplant.

6. Spider plant


Spider plant is a popular and much-loved plant. In addition to having a beautiful appearance, the spider plant can purify the air in the room well. They are plants that are difficult to kill and can adapt to the environment well.

7. Snake plant


Snake plant is the best indoor plant that can be grown at home. They can create a cooler room atmosphere and clean the air. Snake plant also has a characteristic beautiful vertical long-shaped leaves. Especially if you combine it with an elegant rattan pot.

That's the review of 7 hard to kill houseplants that you will love. Hopefully, the information above is useful for you.

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