7 Good Idea Plant for Hanging Basket

7 Good Idea Plant for Hanging Basket

Homiful.com --  Hanging baskets are the right planter to place ornamental plants in the room. With hanging baskets you can choose some trailing plants, filler and spellers that stand out for room decor. Beautiful visuals will also arise when choosing a hanging basket ass a planter. Check out the, full list of 7 Good Idea Plants for Hanging Baskets below:

Spider plant


Spider plant is a very stunning hanging basket plant to choose from. The many benefits with relatively easy maintenance can be a sweetener in the corner of the room. This green leaf will gradations of curved white lines can receive low room light even with irregular watering.

Philodendron micans


The next plant that is very suitable for planting in a hanging basket is Philodendron Micans. It grows vines so that when placed in a hanging basket, the leaves and stems will drop down. This plant is easy to care for, with a dominant green leaf color and a glossy maroon mix.

Oxalis triangularis


The oxalis plant is a purple plant full of love. This dominant purple butterfly-shaped leaf is easy to care for. Of the many types, oxalis triangularis is cultivated quite a lot, which is easy and not fussy. You can place this plant in the corner of the room  with a hanging basket because its stunning appearance can make the room more special.



This ornamental plant with a dominant pattern of purple and pink is very adaptable indoors or outdoors. Plants that are perfect for placing in hanging baskets as well as placements around windowsill are highly favored to produce captivating colors. Graded leaves can grow in the direction of light.



The best basket plant to choose from is the geranium. This plant attractive flower colors and is able to provide multi-season blooms when it gets enough sunlight. This plant is a hardy plant and is best placed in the corner of a room with low maintenance. You can place it on the windowsill for full light to get nice and beautiful flowers.



This plant originating from East Asia has a unique and beautiful leaf appearance. The most popular ornamental plants with easy care and grow long like vines. You can make hanging plants with basket to make them even more stunning in the corner of the room.

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