7 Fragrant Plants for A Nice Smelling Home

Homiful.com -- Having a home that smells good will give you a sense of calm. A fragrant house also impresses guests. Best of all, you don't have to rely on synthetic air fresher or room deodorizes to make your home smell good. You can rely on some of these plants to work as home decorations as well as natural room freshener, which give you a nice smelling home. Find out about this in 7 Fragrant Plants for A Nice Smelling Home

1. Jasmine


Jasmine is a flowering plant known for its fragrance. Its tiny white flowers invite a delightful fragrance wherever you grow or place them. Jasmine is mostly grown outdoors, but if you want to put it indoors, you can choose white jasmine (Jasmine polyanthum). Place them around a south or west facing window. 

2. Lavender


You are also familiar with lavender, right? This plant has a soothing and relaxing smell, which can give you peace of mind when smell it. This is a fragrant plant that's suitable for you to place in the bedroom. Give them plenty of light, even artificial light, to make them grow well indoor. 

3. Rose


Roses are flowering plants that are not only fragrance, but also visually appealing. Planting roses will make your garden more beautiful. The fresh, fragrant flower with the distinctive rose's fragrant will give you a sense of happiness when you walk among the roses. 

4. Dwarf Citrus


Switching to fruiting plants that also give the house a refreshing smell. You can try growing a dwarf meyer lemon tree. The flower is fragrant, with easy and dense lemons bearing fruit on a single tree. This meyer lemon produces a spicy bergamot fragrance that's so fresh like spices. 

5. Lemon balm


Lemon balm is a herbaceous plant, native to South-central Europe. Lemon balm, like other herb plants, has a distinct and calming herbaceous aroma. The leaves have a mild lemon scent, which is commonly used to flavor dishes as well. 

6. Tuberose


Tuberose or Agave amica is a flower plant that blooms at night. It has white flowers with scents such as jasmine, lilies, magnolia, frangipani, orange blossom, and more. No wonder this flower is also used as a note in perfumery. Having a tuberose will make  a night in the garden that much more beautiful. 

7. Peace lily


Peace lily produce beautiful white lily flowers. Actually, about the scent, there are many rivals of the peace lily that are more prominent. This is because the peace lily flower only has a very light scent. If you want lilies with a stronger scent, go for oriental lilies

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