7 Fantastic Lawn and Garden Edging Ideas

Homiful.com -- Most home gardens have lawns. The lawn makes the garden fresher with its green. On the lawn, you can also add a garden edging feature. Garden edging ideas will help to define the boundaries of the garden with other areas. It also makes the garden look more vibrant and aesthetic. Increase the value of curb appeal or landscaping on the house. You can see some great garden inspiration in these 7 fantastic lawn and garden edging ideas.

Neat lawn with beautiful garden edging


It doesn't matter if you only have a limited garden area. Fill the vacant lot with a neat lawn. Make the garden more dynamic by creating a beautiful garden edging. Raised the edging ground a bit, making it to have a curve-shaped. Then, plant the grass in two-tone green. At the edge of the garden, you can place neatly trimmed trees and croton plants that will make your garden brighter.

Red and green garden border


You can create contrast in a landscape garden through the garden edging. Garden edging with a raised bed of grass will be even more gorgeous with bold colors. You can plant the edges of the garden with red shrubs, such as rooibos. The red and green garden border and edging idea will bring you a stunning look.



 Edges of lawn and gravel bed


Giving shape to the expanse of the lawn will add excitement to the garden. As simple as you make a curved shape on the edge of the lawn. Make a gravel bed as a garden border. You can use an iron barrier to keep the curve and rock from getting mixed up. Provide a set with shrubs that surround it, and this garden will be your perfect place for a summer.


Effortlessly garden edging ideas


Adding garden edging will indeed enhance the garden view. Make it seem effortlessly by providing small border, in this one used an everedge feature. It can make the rock beds and lawns appear to create a stunning natural contrast. You'll also get a crispy & clean edges.

Well-defined edge ideas


Determine the shape of the garden edging you want to have. A neat lawn will be even more perfect with a well-defined edge, which consist of gravel bed, shrubs, flowers and more.  The curved shape that follows the edging gives dynamism.

Edge corner with bonsai tree


The corner of the garden should not look so awkward. You can fill it with raised soil, which is still full of grass and colorful bromeliads. Make a bonsai tree, with neatly trimmed leaves, as the center of attention in the corner of the garden. No more sad corner, but say hello to a gorgeous corner garden.

Garden with permanent planter/container


The last idea requires more effort and cost. However, the concept of a cactus garden that grows lush and green will complement a neat lawn. A variety of cacti and desert plants, made to grow in planters or permanent containers that are also designed as garden edges.

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