7 Create Your Bedroom with Houseplant

7 Create Your Bedroom with Houseplant

Homiful.com -- Decorating the bedroom is not always with furniture or items that can fill the room. You can switch to ornamental plants that have superior benefits such as being able to help restore air in the room to clean pollutants in the air and deal with stress and make sleep calmer. You can design a bedroom with a plant arrangement with the various models below:

Fill the nightstand with pothos


By adding refreshing tropical leaves, you can create a beautiful and refreshing bedroom. For example, the pothos plant, which is easy to care for and tends to grow in a variety of rooms even in low light. You can place it on the nightstand by including fragrance or aromatherapy that makes sleep calmer.

Bedroom frame design with hanging plants


The next idea that you can maximize to fill with the interior of the bedroom is to make plant frame ideas as seen. Create a hanging display that you can choose with a variety of vines and creepers. Also include a wooden frame for a dominant natural feel.

Tropical bedroom design with calathea


To maximize all the  space in the bedroom using tropical plants such as calathea, snake plants to aglaonema. This plant with dark green leaves will bring fresh and calmer sleeping atmosphere. Use an attractive planter that you can insert on the sidelines of the room.

Snake plant with full planter


Change the plant arrangement in the bedroom by using a large a planter and filling it with snake plants. You can choose a white planter with the type of sansevieria trifasciata and other shrubs as land cover.

Give the bedroom the scent of lilies


Choose the type of ornamental flower to help restore your sleep, which is often insomnia at night. With scented lilies, or serene jasmine you can place in a glass cup with water which will provide a visually appealing look in the bedroom.

Elegant tropical bedroom


Create a simple bedroom look and dominant arrangement. With tropical plants, you can put a variety of plants in every corner of the room to around the ceiling. Provide lighting effects from the window to maximize sunlight.

A narrow area in the bedroom for palms


Another plant that you can easily find and is very suitable to be brought into the bedroom is the palm. Besides helping to provide  clean air, this palm plant will make the room look tropical with a harmonious atmosphere.

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