7 Common Mistakes To Avoid With Poinsettias So They Last All Through The Holidays

 Homiful.com - Poinsettias can bloom in red, creamy white, pink, or bicolor. You can make careful to maintain this flowers that can help to grow well. Then, we have gathered about 7 Common Mistakes To Avoid With Poinsettias So They Last All Through The Holidays. Let's see!

Exposure of the Plants to the Freezing Cold


Keeping the Poinsettia still fresh can grown in greenhouse. And it's help the plant to color up in time. Then, if the plants move to outdoor, in cold temperature, you can protect it with nicely. Let the plant protect in bag or paper if it's going to be outside in cold weather for more than a few minutes.

Keeping the Plants in a Room That to Hot or Cold


Poinsettia will kill in winter temps. But, you can keep the Poinsettia at indoor with cooler side for fine, that between 55 F degrees to 75 F degrees temperatures. Keep away the plants from cold drafts near windows and doors, and heat from vents, radiators, and fireplaces.

Not Providing the Right Amount of Light


Poinsettia can grow and thrive in some light. But, you must avoid the plants from direct sunlight that can make burn Poinsettia. Just give them a brightly little spot where the sun can't shine right on them.

Overwatering the Plants


Poinsettia that grow in a pot without drainage holes can leave the roots sitting in water. And it can make the leaves turn yellow and drop, or the roots to be rot, and the entire plant can die. Then, avoid them by make few holes at pot, make sure to pour out any excess water.

Forget to Give the Water


Make the Poinsettia soil should stay moist but not soggy. This plant can be harmful as overwatering, and don't let the plant dry out. Water your plant when the pot feels light, the plant becomes top-heavy, or the soil feels dry to the touch.

Giving Fertilize in Wrong Time


Don't feed your Poinsettia while they're blooming. They colors often start to fade by February. Wait until May to fertilizing Poinsettia, it because can keep the plant for green leaves or coax it to re-bloom.

Feeling Stressed to Keep the Plants Alive After Holidays


With right lighting and temperatures, Poinsettia can be grown nicely with beautiful looks and tempting. You must save the stress of trying to keep the plants alive and compost your tired plant after holidays. Then, treat yourself to  fresh Poinsettia next year.

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