7 Colorful Houseplants Make You Fall in Love

7 Colorful Houseplants Make You Fall in Love

Homiful.com -- There are many colorful ornamental plants that might be the most interesting and dramatic plants to choose from. Growing houseplants is a great way to get a touch of fresh green to any room in your home. You can take some ornamental plants with attractive leaves as an embodiment to brighten up the room. You can get types of ornamental plants with attractive colors that will make you fall in love with this 7 list:




Called the Christmas beauty queen plant, this poinsettia has beautiful leaves with white patches on them. One of the ornamental plants that are very attractive and will make an adorable space balance with leaf colors such as red, pink, white. You can place this plant in direct sunlight for approximately 6 - 7 hours to get good growth.

Pink Aglaonema


This type of aglaonema is very much owned by ornamental plant lovers because of the beautiful leaf color and easy maintenance. This plant with original green leaves is mixed beautiful colors such as pink, yellow to orange. It is great for beginners as it can tolerate low light and even infrequent watering.



Next is tradescantia which is a vine with small, colorful leaves. This plant has pointed leaf margins and solid colors such as purple, white and a few stripes depending on the type. This tradescantia plant will produce flowers in spring with good direct light for leaf color.



A beautiful type of succulent with small shapes and attractive colors is the echeveria. You can choose a very diverse type of echeveria to beautify the living room table at home. Thick leaves with striking colors love spring for fresh growth. In autumn, this plant will look very attractive and beautiful.

Oxalis Triangularis


Oxalis is an ornamental plant with a dominant purple color and has butterfly-shaped leaves. You will definitely love the purple shamrock with a beautiful motif to plant in a home container. Hanging leaves will look dramatic and really like 15 - 25 C.



This bushy plant with colorful leaves has a full palette of leaves. Coleus has a contrasting color that can give a stunning look to a room. You will fall in love with the many types and are ready to be a room plant full of enthusiasm.



Croton is a striking leafy plant with beautiful colors and unique leaf shape. This plant can be categorized as an easy plant to care for and is very suitable for hot outdoor space. With this croton, it is guaranteed that your interior or yard at home will look striking and more refreshing.

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