7 City Garden Design Ideas for Limited Area

Homiful.com -- Having a house in the middle of a busy city, sometimes makes it difficult for you to get a large enough land to create an open green space or a home garden. However, this does not matter to get you a fresh garden. You can use limited land to become a city garden at home. The designs can vary, which you can see in the review of 7 city garden design ideas for limited area

Liven up the backyard


The backyard of the house can have a stunning city garden view. You can set a limited area in such a way. The backyard features a water pond with aquatic plants and fish in it. A lawn with a small path. Refreshing flowers and shrubs. Red brick accents that give a stylish rustic touch. 

Place a seat in the city garden


A house garden in the middle of a crowded city can be your healing space at home. The place where you get inspiration and natural freshness. Put an outdoor bench or chair for you to enjoy the garden atmosphere. Place it between houseplants and flowers in the garden. Bring soft cushions and throw to make you sit comfortably there. 

So nice with well maintained lawn


Whatever the size of the land, even a limited area will become a stunning city garden with well-maintained lawns. Keep the grass growth always looking neat and fresh like this. Periodically mow the grass to maintain its appearance. You can add greenery and fresh adenium flowers. Put a hammock for you to relax there. 

Dress up empty land under the window


Even empty land under a small window can be used as a space for a gardening. You can fill it with shrubs and tall plants that like direct sunlight. Make a wooden roof where you can hang some plants on the coconut coir planter as above. These ideas will make your space looks well organized.

A simple garden with chickens


City garden concept does not look strange with a simple garden with chickens there. Even if you only have a lawn with concrete paving, you can make this garden the perfect place for a morning sunbathing, while feeding your chickens. So that the chickens don't eat the plants, you can set a special zone for plants like this.

Add water feature


Complete your garden city with a water feature. You can make a fishpond with clear water. This fishpond is surrounded by a wooden deck, so you can watch the fish or feed the fish while sitting relaxed on the wooden deck. The pool design is so natural with arranged rocks and tropical plants that grow lushly. 

Organized city garden design


Make a city garden concept that can last a long time. You can make it like this one. The garden is surrounded by a wooden fence that gives a sense of privacy when you are there. Place an outdoor seat, small container garden, and let the vines grow on the picket fence. You can fill the rest of space with a lawn and low flowers. 

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