7 Brilliant Gabion Plant Stand Design Ideas for The Garden

Homiful.com -- Gabions or large wire cages filled with stone fragments, are now part of the landscape that enhances the outside appearance of the house. In addition to being a fence, gabions can also be used as plant stands to make a garden plant look more special and stunning. Easy manufacturing methods and versatile applications will make gabions the best plant stand design option for your home landscaping. Here are 7 Brilliant Gabion Plant Stand Design Ideas for The Garden.

Vertical gabion design

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If your garden needs a focal point, easily present it. You can design a gabion plant stand. Small rocks in tomato cage arranged vertically will be the best place to display containers containing your best plants in it. 

Gabion raised garden bed


Get creative with gabions. Make a gabion planter as a gabion raised garden bed in your garden landscape. Make the gabion design more unique by combining various shape to make it look dynamic. Just make sure, as a planter as well as a plant stand, gabions still have access to good water to keep the plants healthy. 

Rough and industrial vibe

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Gabion plant stand is made of iron wire material filled with rock inside. Gabion plant stand is perfect for holding the planter container on it, which is also made of iron material. A design like this will give it a rough and industrial vibe. 

Gabion plant stand for big plants

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Look how this outdoor space. Although there are not many elements, but it already looks so refreshing. This is all thanks to the gabion being a complement to the garden. Gabions become part of the falling water features. Gabions are also a plant stand to fill the empty-space from the roots to the stems of a plant that can grow tall like this one. 

Gabions as a plant stand as well as garden border


Gabions are widely used as part of fences or garden borders. You can make a combination of garden borders from boxwood plants and gabion filled with stones. The flat top of gabion can be used as a planter or plant stand to be filled with low shrubs that shade the garden. 

Gabion wall with planter tubs

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You may need a firm barrier between your patio and lawn. Do that by installing a gabion wall with planter tubs inserted. The top of the gabion is great for plant growers who like outdoor conditions with lots of direct sunlight. 

Stunning gabion planter

A Crafty Mix

If you're looking for an affordable way to add interest to your garden, try this stunning gabion planter. Gabion planters like this are super easy for you to make yourself. These gabion plant stands will also add uniqueness and charm to your garden. 

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