7 Best Plants To Grow Along A North-Facing Wall

 Homiful.com - Few spot while you gardening are more challenging than the areas along north-facing walls. Plants that grow along east-facing and west-facing walls receive at least a few hours of sun in morning and afternoon. But, the north-facing walls receive almost no direct sunlight. Then, we attract some 7 Best Plants To Grow Along A North-Facing Wall that can make inspire.

Begonia semperflorens


Usually grown as an annual plants, Begonia are fibrous-rooted plants that form mounds of fleshy, waxy leaves ranging from dark green to bronze in color. Begonia is a versatile plant that can grow in full sun as well as part shade. Put the plants well apart to improve air circulation and prevent fungal problems.

Bleeding Heart


Bleeding hearts are early season plants that produce clusters of pink and white flowers along arching stems in spring. Can grow in part shade to full shade, the foliage usually fades away as the summer approaches. You can grow this bleeding heart in medium moisture soil and well-drained soil.

Chaenomeles (Crimson and Gold)


Chaenomeles is the plant that easy to grow and tolerating almost any soil that has well drainage. This plant can grow in a dense rounded shrub with spiny stems, and blooms in March to April with white to scarlet flower that appear before the leaves open. The shrubs bloom on old wood, so any pruning should be done immediately after flowering is complete.



Hosta although not known for flowers, the sheer diversity of green hues found in the leaves of various cultivars. The leaf colors of Hosta change from increased sunlight, and those with yellow leaves typically are more tolerant of sun. Besides extremely easy to grow and care, Hosta can be susceptible to damage from slugs and snails.

Lily Turf 'Liriope spicata'


Lily turf is a grasslike perennial that has small flowers appear among the leaves in August through September. This plant tolerates with shady conditions like in north-facing walls. The color of flowers can grow in lavender to white. And you can grow it at medium moisture and well-drained soil.

Bugleweed 'Ajuga reptans'


Bugle weed is a perennial plant that can bloom better in sunny conditions. But it can make an excellent shady ground cover and spreading rapidly into a thick mat. Blooms blue flowers appear in May and June, the plants can be cut back to the ground after flowering to stimulate new growth.

Climbing Hydrangea


Grow climbing plants at north-facing wall can make efficient and increase the view. Like climbing Hydrangea, that is one woody climbing vine that blooms nicely, is well-behaved, and does well in shady areas. They can bloom in white flowers that make a classic and pretty accent. Climbing Hydrangea can become a heavy, unruly plant, and you can make provide with sturdy structure for climb effect.

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