7 Best Plants That Keeps Mosquitoes Away

Homiful.com -- In most part of the world, mosquitoes are always there. They give itching and even serious consequences when bitten. For house mosquitoes, they will also be active during at dawn and dusk, although the day time doesn't prevent you from being bitten by these tiny insects. 

One way to avoid the mosquito from following you is to use a mosquito repellant. But, you can try a more natural way. For example, plant or place some mosquito repellant plants in your home and garden. Find it out at 7 Best Plants That Keeps Mosquitoes Away

1. Rosemary


Rosemary is a versatile plant. You may know it as a herb for flavoring dishes. The leaves contain oils that can repel mosquitoes. Its woody scent also makes mosquitoes and carrot flies fly away from your rosemary. Rosemary is easy to grow, you can put it in your house to repel mosquitoes naturally. 

2. Lavender


Having lavender brings so many good things. The scent of lavender can give you a peace of mind, even most synthetic mosquitoes repellents use lavender in their ingredients. The lovely fragrance of the leaves that contain essential oil makes insects or other small animals destroy them. Lavender bloom in summer to fall, the time when mosquitoes are most active. 

3. Sage plant


There are times when you want to enjoy your time in the garden without bitten by mosquitoes. Try growing a sage plant. When blooming, sage plants will beautify your garden with its purplish flowers. The leaves produce a strong scents and oil that keeps mosquitoes away. You can throw the leaves into the backyard fire pit to repel mosquitoes naturally. 

4. Marigold


Marigolds emit an odor that mosquitoes hate. This annual plant is a favorite of gardeners. Thanks to its ability that keep the insect away. Growing them doesn't take up much space, and surely the flower will provide a splash of fresh summer. Cut the flowers and place them in a jar vase to beautify the table and repel mosquitoes at home.

5. Lemongrass


Lemongrass is also widely used as a natural ingredient for mosquito repellent lotions. Fortunately, it is a living plant that has been said as the most effective at repelling insect at home and garden. Thus, you can put this plant in a pot and place it in the home to repel mosquitoes. 

6. Catnip


The catnip is loved by the cat, but hate by mosquitoes. This plant is said to be very effective at repelling insects, mosquitoes in particular. You can take the fresh catnip leaves, then rub them on your hands and skin. You will get 30 minutes of mosquitoes-free. 

7. Scented geranium


Scented geranium is often referred to as a mosquito plant. Not because they are liked by mosquitoes, but the leaves that produce oil extract that can repel mosquitoes. Growing it in your garden will keep mosquitoes away and allow you to have a great time in the morning and evening. 

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