7 Best Beautiful Varieties Caladium


7 Best Beautiful Varieties Caladium 

Homiful.com -- If you are looking for ornamental plants with beautiful and colorful leaves. Caladium is a plant worth having. Very many cultivars are one of the plant varieties that are favored by gardener or beginners. By offering a unique leaf shape. Beautiful colors such as pink, white, green, red to bright red you can admire for ornamental plants.  See the beautiful varieties of the following reviews:

Caladium Fiesta


This ornamental plant with wide red veins on a white background will get full color with bright lighting. Place in a hanging basket and provide ideal lighting and watering.

Caladium Green Spider


The color and pattern of this caladium green spider is very attractive and pleasing to the eye. The shape of the leaves and flowers that are easy to adapt to all weather produces a pink leaf color, while the pattern is light green on the bone of the leaf.

Caladium Miss Muffet


Next is caladium miss muffet which is included in the bicolor cultivar with beautiful leaf colors. Grows and blooms better in spring, this plant has light green flowers and leaves on the edges. The irregular pink blotches look like an abstract painting.

Caladium Bicolor


Caladium bicolor is an ornamental plant that is the target of many people. This type of taro plant has a leaf shape that is similar to the others. But the heart shape on the leaves looks wider with dark green color and reddish white spots on the leaf surface.

Caladium Strawberry Star


With beautiful leaf colors, this caladium is named strawberry star taro. These light green leaves with pink spots and veins and dark green stems can stand tall in full sun or shade. And with good watering, this plant will last a long time in all seasons.

Caladium White Star Cranberry


This caladium cranberry star looks beautiful with luxurious leaves. Medium size with fresh green leaves and red spots and dominant white leaf color will be very attractive for room borders at home. You can put in partial shade to keep this plant fresh,

Caladium White Christmas


The last one is the naturally beautiful white Christmas caladium without gaps, white leaves and dark green in the veins make this plant clean and commonly known as angel wings. Plants that do not have stems because their leaves are directly connected to the tuber in the soil through the petiole.

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