7 Bedroom Plants for Healing

7 Bedroom Plants for Healing

Homiful.com -- If you often have insomnia or have difficulty sleeping, it may be caused by several things that make the mind more restless so that it is often difficult to fall asleep quickly. There may be several, ways to make your sleep faster by placing plants into the bed. It is known by research that plants can remove toxins from our air and create good things that are useful for providing a feeling of calm and comfort. In addition, with plants can also increase the chances of a better sleep every night. The what plants can you choose to fill the bedroom, see the following reviews:

English Ivy


English ivy is the best ornamental plant that can filter toxins in the air effectively. This plant is also very efficient at removing mold in the air and is also important for maintaining health. In addition, English ivy can also work in your bedroom to create and improve the quality of sleep better. Prune occasionally and provide ideas of watering to maintain growth.

Spider plant


The next option to make sleep better is a spider plant. This popular and easy-care can reduce blood pressure and make you feel calmer. In order, to further promote health and a good night's sleep, you can bring this plant into the bedroom by placing it in a small pot or in a glass bottle filled with water.

Jasmine plant


Plants that be able to give a calm and comfortable effect to the room are jasmine. Because this plant has an aroma that makes the mind calm and also as a relaxation of the mind. The scent of this jasmine flower is so delicious that it can improve bad sleep patterns. In addition, studies also say that this plant can reduce anxiety levels and improve sleep quality.

Snake plant


Next is the snake plant, which is an indoor air purifying plant. The snake plant which not only functions as an air purifier in this room can improve oxygen at night to help with better sleep quality. This plant is also known as a plant can absorb toxins in the room such as benzene, toluene to xylene.



Overcoming difficulty sleeping, there is an easy solution for you  to do. Especially with small things, using orchid plants into the bedroom, which will give calm and comfortable effect. This plant can absorb carbon monoxide and release oxygen, thus keeping you awake calmly without waking up until the next day. With beautiful flower colors, this plant will create a calm atmosphere and a brighter room.



Lavender plants are beautiful to be used as a room sweetener. Even down to the bedroom, this plant able to provide good effects such as reducing blood pressure while also promoting better sleep. You can put this lavender on the table next to the mattress to inhale a calming aroma.



This ornamental plant with beautiful white flowers is called gardening or cape jasmine. Effective plans to promote better sleep and the idea of growing in the room will overcome restlessness during sleep. To grow gardenia plants, you can fully provide the recommended lighting, watering and pruning. The sweet aroma will help you fall asleep faster and is ideal for placing next to the bed.

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