7 Beautiful Tropical Plant to Fresh Your Indoor

7 Beautiful  Tropical Plant to Fresh Your Indoor

Homiful.com -- You like ornamental plants that can change the room to be fresher. Such as tropical plants that will create a more trendy space and a dazzling choice. Tropical plants are loved for their transformative soil. In addition to creating a fresher space and lush effect, you can make tropical plants an option for various room in the house. Like 7 tropical plants on the following list;



Caladium is an indoor ornamental plant that you can choose with very varied colors. This plant is the most sought after because of its  easy maintenance so that it can reproduce by budding. You can choose a variety of different types with beautiful motifs and beautiful colors.



From the type of succulent, you can choose a Christmas cactus to make a tropical and fresh terrace room. This winter-blooming houseplant is great for any room that requires easy care. You can make this plant the best candidate for plants that are placed outdoors until neglecting watering.



The plant with many varieties is the philodendron. This types of philodendron with an elegant color of green mixed with dark red is the philodendron micans with hearth-shaped leaves. This plant can grow by creeping. Beautiful if you see a hanging planter for the corner of the room, which will create a tropical effect with easy maintenance.



The next is bromeliads that appear with elegant rose leaves and can bloom brightly. Colors appearing in the middle of the plant will make your pot look full. This plant likes indirect bright, light. Provide good nutrition to improve plant growth.



A tropical plant that is resistant to all conditions is bougainvillea. This shrub with a height of about 2 -3 meters has various flowers colors such as white, pink, yellow to purple. Maintenance is easy, even with neglect of watering you can maintain it to multiply by stem cuttings.

Birds of paradise


Birds of paradise is a tropical plant will make a house like a forest. A plant that can be about 6 feet tall with naturally split levels when mature requires bright sun and high humidity. This plant makes any space look beautiful with its wide leaves and long stems.



The beautiful leaf crown and loved by ornamental plant lovers is Monstera. This broad leaf bordered by an attractive cleavage will create a forest-like space as it thrives in full bloom with plenty of leaves. Mix well-drained pots  and rinse the leaves occasionally for a glossy look.

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