What Is Bolting In Lettuce? And How To Keep Harvesting For As Long As Possible

 Homiful.com - Lettuce can grow well in spring and fall in most region. Growing quickly, lettuces are a great leafy green, produce a long time, and are not very demanding as long as you keep the plants sufficiently watered. Then, see What Is Bolting In Lettuce? And How To Keep Harvesting For As Long As Possible. Check it out!

Growing Lettuce


You can fertilize the lettuce in 3 weeks after transplanting. And make sure the soil remains moist but not overly wet. It should drain well, overwatering leads to disease or soft growth. Weed by hand if necessary, but be careful of damaging your lettuce plant's shallow roots.

Why Lettuce Bolts


Bolting in lettuce happens when the plant has matured and reached the end of its life cycle. Bolting in lettuce is triggered by warm weather and the long days of summer. Usually when the daytime temperatures climb above 75 F degrees and nighttime are over 60 F degrees. 

Lettuce will have bitter taste and grow slowly after bolting. When the plants going bolting, it will use most energy to produce flowers and then seeds before dying.

Tips for Delaying Bolting


Start the lettuce outdoor early in the spring. It can tolerate a light frost and short cold snap, especially if it's covered for protection, you can start picking young leaves before the temperature increase. Also you can plant lettuce in the fall in most regions and enjoy a late season harvest until the plants succumb to a freeze. 

Lettuce thrives when the soil pH is between 6.2 and 6.8. Well drained soil also helps lettuce grow better and faster. You can give the lettuce a break from full sun. Regular watering can help delay bolting. When harvest the lettuce, take the outer leaves first and let the young, inner leaves keep growing.

The Benefits of Bolting in Lettuce


Having bolting in lettuce not always such a bad thing. The blooms on lettuce plants can attract pollinators such as bees and other bugs that prey on garden pests. You can also collect the ripened seeds of open-pollinated lettuces before they drop and replant them later.

Harvesting Lettuce


Harvest lettuce in the morning when full-size but young and tender. Harvest the lettuce before maturity by simply removing outer leaves so that the center leaves can continue to grow. Crisphead lettuce is picked when the center is firm.

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